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February 2, 2023 | Carenet Health

Carenet Health provides the most comprehensive, integrated suite of healthcare consumer experience solutions, thanks to the recent acquisition of Stericycle Communication Solutions, an industry leader in patient engagement technology. Together, the acquisition will empower healthcare companies including payers, providers, and partners, to combat their most pressing challenges, such as the nursing staffing crisis and changing patient demands, while offering an engaging, modern experience that today’s healthcare consumers expect.

Prepared for the Challenges Ahead

The healthcare industry is at a critical juncture, with providers fighting to close gaps in care while dealing with more limited resources and cost management issues on top of shifting patient expectations. Health systems around the country are grappling with nursing staffing shortages, impeding hospitals’ ability to deliver quality care to patients and resulting in fewer billable encounters. Healthcare professionals who have remained in the field must cope with difficult patient-to-nurse ratios. Additionally, many people are continuing to delay necessary procedures, increasing the demand for services and complicating the process for payers.

Carenet is well positioned to meet the shifting needs of healthcare consumers and help people feel connected to their care journeys. The joint forces of the two companies will provide healthcare access to 1 in 3 Americans through working with more than 100 payers and the majority of the top 20 health systems in the country. This amounts to 370,000 consumer interactions per day.

Better Together

Carenet will now provide a more modernized, integrated technology suite that empowers payers and providers to generate a more meaningful experience that contributes to better healthcare for all through human touch and digital innovation. Already a leader in clinical and telehealth services, the company’s offerings have expanded to include intelligent scheduling, the broadest and deepest electronic health record (EHR) integrated solution, automation platforms with natural language processing and multi-language capability, and a fully API-enabled enterprise platform across the entire care journey. These technological capabilities will provide an enhanced, powerful end-to-end solution for payers, providers, and healthcare partners that eliminate the challenges and costs of managing multiple vendors.

Carenet’s innovative technology works in tandem with the deep clinical expertise provided by more than 330 RNs, offering a high level of service. Technology-enabled communications solutions joined with human expertise  will help health systems weather challenges from worker shortages, online scheduling, and fulfilling clinical needs of patients.

As the healthcare industry continues to face challenges and evolve, Carenet is committed to offering best-in-class technological tools, patient-centered communications, and key partnerships with leading health tech innovators to help them realize their potential. Scalable solutions will help healthcare companies adapt to changing market conditions while improving outcomes and increasing profitability.

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